Executive/C-Suite Visibility & Speeches


As a trusted advisor to the C-Suite, I gain trust by developing a deep understanding of the individual’s voice and how it can be aligned with company vision and mission through various communications methods. My passion for writing has led me to be able to positively position executives through:

  1. Speech writing, panel securement for thought leadership, trade and local/national/international media opportunity pitching

  2. Award submissions for prestigious recognition (i.e. “40 under 40”)

  3. Key message point preparation and refinement

  4. Evaluation pre, during and post to provide honest feedback on how we as a team can continue to improve the message, its delivery and its impact.


When working with leaders, I am first most interested in the following quick guiding posts:

  1. Who are we trying to reach?

  2. What do we know about these individuals and what do we want them to think, feel or do?

  3. If we are to leverage an executive, where can I tap into their strengths and their background to connect with the intended audience to create an authentic and memorable message?


Increased positive reputation has impacted attracting top talent to the companies I have worked for and have increased visibility and exposure for potential partnerships, increased sales and growth in social media, web and video engagement across platforms. Increased number of speaking engagements and panels in thought leadership areas also grew YOY.

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