My professional journey to date

As an accomplished corporate communications executive, my experiences through 15 years in the field have me ready to tackle your challenges

I didn’t realize then, at 14 years old, that I had found my passion

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. A die-hard sports fan, in high school, I quickly realized I did not have the chops to be an elite athlete, so I volunteered to learn the ropes as a team manager of the basketball team.

Just a few years removed from a decade of dominance in the Windy City, Michael Jordan sent his similar-aged sons to my high school. With these wonderful young men as my classmates on the team, in Chicago, an opportunity serendipitously presented itself.

Our coach appreciated that I knew our players on and off the court and could create concise stories about my peers when asked. So when media came along with a ready-made, son-of-superstar story, I had the chance — before I had a driver’s license — to help understand the field of communications.

It wasn’t until college that I began to understand that part of what I enjoyed most in my teenaged volunteer role was something people made a career out of!

I’ve been a lifelong learner and am always working on my craft

In college, I lived in the sports-crazed city of Boston during a Renaissance of championships and had the privilege of learning from seasoned professionals that took the time to teach and always charted a path for me when I went the extra mile.

I never forgot that. After learning the ropes in Bean Town at the Boston Bruins, New England Patriots, Boston Marathon and Brentford Football Club in England, I knew I wanted to become a communications leader who could make a difference.

Growing, Evolving, Building, Leading, Serving

Over the next dozen years, I had countless individuals that believed in me. They doubled down on the bets I had made on myself to achieve a goal at the time: to be the youngest head of communications in Major League Soccer.

While I was fortunate that this goal was achieved at an early age, I quickly learned that my passion for connecting with individuals - professional athletes, coaches, community members, media or customers - had little to do with my title and I was able to reshape my focus.

I began to understand the business side more and went back to school at night to earn my MBA and later underwent the APR accreditation process to continue to hone my craft and be able to make communications a vital seat at the table.

The legacy I hope to leave…

I was challenged in my 20’s in a role that I very much enjoyed but I had still so much to learn as a boss, a leader and who I was.

A MBA professor challenged me in my last semester to understand my ‘leadership legacy’ and it drastically shifted how I would act as a leader at work and a person away from the office. Jesuit-educated, I admired the opportunity to search for truth and arrived at:

“A self-driven man for others with a commitment to accountability, who appreciates generosity and laughter along the way.”

So, what’s next?

After a decade in my most recent role - including the last 8.5 years in a leadership position - I decided it was time for my next challenge.

I will thrive where I can continue to improve upon strengths, teach and develop young talent and drive powerful narratives that ultimately make a difference.

That 14-year-old in Chicago knew that there were things he could not do (dunk a basketball), but he could complement his peers and teammates by steering into the attributes of his own and of others. Ultimately, this paved the way for a career that, to date, has brought lots of joy…and hugs.

Work experience

Columbus Crew (Major League Soccer)

2013 - 2023 (Advanced in roles: Manager, Director and and Senior Director of Communications and Broadcast)

New England Revolution (Major League Soccer)

2011 - 2013 (Communications Coordinator)

Additional experience with global brands

  • Boston Marathon / Boston Athletic Association

  • Brentford Football Club (United Kingdom)

  • New England Patriots

  • Boston Bruins



Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Concentration in Marketing & Executive Leadership


Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Degree in Communication

Accreditation and Professional Affiliation

Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) –Universal Accreditation Board

Elected by the Board of Governors to serve on the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Central Ohio Chapter

Communications Experience Examples

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