Lifestyle and Community Relations


The communities where we work, play and live are critical to the success of the organizations I have worked for. Part of the ways I have found success include:

  1. Identifying powerful, untold stories that are timely, relevant and showcase a side of a key spokesperson relatively unseen by customers current or prospective

  2. Connecting the company’s mission and vision to stories that help build trust and enhance credibility through strong relationships earned through media and a desire to reach the right audiences with the right message at the right time.


When seeking to help tell a story that showcases work in the community or product work as a lifestyle brand, I often begin with the following guide posts…

  1. Why tell this story now and have we earned the trust to be able to delicately pitch, place and secure the coverage of this individual(s)?

  2. How large is our list of key stakeholders and what do they currently think, feel or do in relation to our organization? How do we lean into our partnerships to help amplify the access, the voices and the reach?

  3. How does showcasing this great work help solve the issues many face beyond this media pitch and where can we be impactful in our actions long after this story airs?


I’ve helped former professional athletes share their stories who have later become League “Humanitarian of the Year” award winners; I’ve helped secure local community awareness of reached DEI efforts in partnership with civic leaders; and I’ve helped develop spokespeople who have shined a light on issues impacting our communities, specifically spending time with education and youth sports to help combat chronic absenteeism in schools and providing safe places for children to play.