About Tim Miller: Chief Communications Officer of Miller PR Solutions

In the biggest moments on and off the field, great communications make the difference.

With my experience, education and accreditation, I’d be thrilled to partner to meet your needs.

How can I help you?

► I am highly effective in communications, with experience building successful approaches to engage with target audiences that include customers, clients, employees, local opinion leaders and news media.

My success is driven by my ability to lead campaigns that increase awareness and support of complex issues, multimillion dollar projects, and corporate partnerships

Specialties: Corporate Communications, Reputation Management, Public Relations, Media Relations, Advisor to Leadership, Team Leadership

Areas of Expertise: Seasoned Communications Executive and Strategist / Builds Collaborative Networks, Attracts Top Talent / Driving Vision and Mission / Action-Oriented and Resourceful Manager / Manages Complexity, Encourages Innovation

What fuels me!


► Engaging and accredited corporate communications executive possessing a winning blend of subject matter expertise, skill in the oversight of media relations and practical experience as an advisor to C-suite leaders.

► Leverages a unique mix of strategic and analytical expertise, consistently exceeding performance goals by aligning talent and effort with organizational communication objectives.


★ With Columbus Crew, developed messaging for the construction and launch of a new stadium and training facility headquarters.

★ Has lead the hiring and ongoing development of public relations and media relations personnel, as well as television and radio broadcast talent while managing a multi-department budget.

★ Managed broadcast properties across television and English/Spanish radio to set a five-year record for local household ratings in 2020. Secured the club’s first Emmy nomination for game broadcast production.


Working in the front office of professional sports for the last 15 years has given me an invaluable education in business and life skills. Those lessons go far past the final roars of a gameday and extend long after the sweeping sounds of brooms cleaning popcorn kernels in the aisle — left behind in a moment that brought an arena full of fans to their feet.

I relish the joys and the rush of a ticketed event — but the reality is — those few hours accounted for a small snapshot: about a mere five percent of my week.

The full picture includes experience solving business challenges in a fast-paced, high-passion environment that has applicability across communications departments in any sport

I want to extend a thank you for visiting my website. I’d love to demonstrate why my background lends to the future success of your business and I’d be silly not to tap into my roots in sports to paint a picture.


I appreciate the opportunity to grab the clipboard and whistle and walk you through my journey.

At my core, my day-to-day has involved leading high performance teams and occupying the same critical seat that communications plays in every business, at the hub of it all and a turning the gears that drive companies forward.

I’ve worked with stakeholders from across all sides of the business, be it in marketing and sales to reach current and prospective customers; in community efforts to grow philanthropy that makes a difference; to putting cross-functional leadership all together in media training and advising high-level executives and public-facing spokespeople from around the world.

Just as professional athletes review film to improve their performance, I’m passionate about self-evaluation, seeking out best practices, learning and teaching. I value integrity, creativity and a great, witty sense of humor.

My background

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Tap into my strengths

A preview below of what you can expect working alongside me.

[Adapted from Gallup]

1. Individualization

I’m intrigued with the unique qualities of each person and am blessed with a gift for figuring out how people who are different can work together productively.

2. Restorative

I am adept at dealing with problems. I am good at figuring out what is wrong and resolving it.

3. Empathy

I can sense the feelings of other people by imagining themselves in others’ lives or others’ situations.

4. Arranger

I’m able to organize, but also have a flexibility that complements this ability. I like to figure out how all of the pieces and resources can be arranged for maximum productivity.

5. Context

I enjoy thinking about the past. I understand the present by researching its history; it allows me to see the path ahead.

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