Stand out from
your competition.

We help elevate sports industry
communications efforts to attain
a sometimes elusive trifecta: securing wins;
growing the game; and making
a meaningful difference.

Those don't happen overnight, by accident
or without a plan.

Strategy, Planning and Development
via Miller PR Solutions.

Let's gameplan together.

Welcome to Miller PR Solutions.

We create organizational, departmental and individual communications growth and impact in the sports industry.

Here, we collaborate to develop effective strategic communications planning and provide counsel that you can trust -- as well as PR professional development programs to fit your goals and needs.

Our teammates

Individuals, teams, leagues, organizations, non-profits, sponsors and agencies with our expertise in the world of sports.

Our gameplan

Deeply understand your stakeholders, set in motion targeted engagement and fortify reputation internally and externally.

Our sought-after trophies

Working with great people; achieving business outcomes through communications; and helping best reach, unite and grow generational fans of the global games we love.

We're glad you've arrived.

We're a strategic communications consulting practice focused on delivering positive, audience-based outcomes for clients through research, planning, implementation and measurement/evaluation.

Here you’ll find:

A passionate storyteller, analytical listener & strategic communicator.

Bringing 15+ years of front office sports communications leadership experience, we’re here to help drive connection & impactful growth for you as a true thought partner.


We believe that effective and strategic communication drives the impact sports professionals seek in where we work, live and play.


We know that building plans, processes and people takes time, passion, commitment and energy within the sports that unite our communities.


We live for the moments that connect the right messages to the right people at the right time because that’s what winning looks like for our teammates who are excellent at their craft.


There are moments some teams, staff and their fans wait generations for, like winning it all. Being up on the trophy platform (actual or metaphorical) is a special experience and I want that for you.

However, when the trophy is being lifted is not the time to wonder if you're ready with an effective communications strategy and the people and processes to maximize the vast but finite opportunity.

I’d love to talk to you more about how I can help.

Relationships matter. Celebrate wins. Demonstrate gratitude. Be there for teammates. [Video: final day w/Crew after 10 yrs]